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MagicScore Maestro is a perfect tool for any musician. Offering features for easy composing
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27 November 2015

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Music is life and vice versa. With the advancement in technology we can now create, tweak, edit and do wonderful things with music. MagicScore Maestro 7.746 is a software application that lets you do all that plus more. It lets the user utilize his imagination and provides him with the tools of the trade so that he can work with music and churn out masterpieces. The user can tune notes; edit the time along with various other dynamics which when put together can create your own little piece of heaven to listen to. The software application not only allows you to edit certain kind of music but also create your own music from scratch. Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this software application’s varied amount of functions.

MagicScore Maestro 7.746 has a host of many useful tools that can be put to use. Its extensive editing technology includes copying, pasting, deleting, transposing both single and selected blocks. It reads MIDI files as well as writes them too. Playback can be done via a single person or even an entire orchestra to get whatever effect you require. It allows printing scores and also previewing them. The notes as well as playback effects can be calculated effectively and precisely. Chords can be entered via virtual guitar finger-board. Jazz swing is a special feature that can be added as playback. The horizontal as well as vertical position of the notes can be set easily. The option of time signature placement in the middle or end of a measure has also been added. A systems interval function is given too. The overall interface is well laid out so that one can easily understand and utilize the software to their benefit.

MagicScore Maestro 7.746 is a marvelous software application just waiting to bring the joy of music creation and editing in your life. It gets a score of 4 out of 5. You can now tread the road of becoming the next Mozart.

Publisher's description

Compose, transcribe and edit music the way you want it! MagicScore Maestro offers everything a musician could ever dream about. Whether you are a proffesional or amateur, the software will provide you with powerful features for typing or editing scores. Being used by musicians all over the world, MagicScore Maestro allows you to quickly and easily lay out and typeset music, and produce high-quality scores that can be easily played back and printed out. A range of user-friendly features makes this program the fastest way to create music and arrangements. MagicScore Maestro is a perfect companion for composing and arranging scores. Now composing is much easier! You can write and listen your music and also can edit the sound of the scores as you like.
MagicScore Maestro
MagicScore Maestro
Version 8.171
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Bruce Avent
Having recently purchased Maestro, let me say that it has completely changed my life. The program is nothing short of brilliant and I just cannot stop composing and notating. What absolute brilliance! And to think that I stumbled across it by accident when I had been used to a much inferior program that I had for years. I had no idea this sort of thing was available. My heartiest congratulations to all concerned with its production. Sheer genius!!! Please use this testimonial in any way that you see fit. Kindest regards - Bruce Avent. Melbourne, Australia.
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